Whilst we're essentially a retail bakery, over the years we've been approached by many local cafes, pubs and restaurants enquiring if we would supply them with our well-known and highly praised bakery products.

       We realise that we can't compete on price with your local cash and carry, or even supermarket. However, when it comes down to quality, we'll beat them hands down.

       Our customers accept that they have to pay more for quality, but have come to recognise that higher quality will ultimately result in increased sales – which can also increase profitability.

       And, once your customers have tasted the difference, they'll not want to look anywhere else – which means you're a lot more likely to retain their custom.

       Anyway you look at it, it makes good business sense to choose us as your supplier.

       Get in touch and request samples – then maybe you'll understand why for many, Brassington's is the one and only choice.